Psp anime dating sim

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Once you’re with the girl of your choice (triggered by a mutual confession of your interest in each other) the game changes up – and gets even more involving.Unlike Visual Novels – there’s no titillating CG reward.So yeah, it might seem like it’s just an excuse to get minimum clothing for maximum profits – but against all expectations, this was a superb title.If you’ve never played it because of your pre-conceptions – then just drop it and pick up a copy. Sure it might be a little content light, but goddamn is that game… This recently got picked up for a Western release – which I’m very pleased about – not least because both titles in the series, the 3DS’ ‘Burst’ and PS Vita ‘Shinovi Versus’, have proven themselves to be very fun, very accomplished brawlers.

DEAD OR ALIVE EXTREME BEACH VOLLEYBALL Perhaps one of the first sexy games to bring shameless fan-service to mainstream gaming.

Once you get them home you get to Match 3 your way to nudity and er… The good thing about Hunie Pop is, well, it’s actually quite a decent game.

Beware though, there are two version of this game, a marginally lewd version on Steam and then a REALLY LEWD version that you can buy from placed like GAL*GUN DOUBLE PEACE & GAL*GUN 2 Switch, PS4, PC/Steam VR If you scroll further down this list you’ll find the original Gal*Gun, but since I originally wrote this, two further Gal*Gun games have been released – Double Peace and more recently Gal*Gun 2.

Instead you can continue to interact with (and touch!

) her in real time, tied to a real time calendar, so different events will pop up on the days they’re supposed to.

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