Problems updating ipod to ios 5

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Apple has opened up new server space, and the demand is dying off slowly due to reports of problems.

If you get this error, it's i Tunes reporting to the Apple server that you are out of disk space.

If holding the power button doesn't turn off the device, press the Sleep/Wake button and the home button at the same time until the device powers down.

Don't release the Sleep/Wake button or the home button until the device is off.

Follow our groovy upgrade guide here to make sure the upgrade happens seamlessly.

This is what most users refer to as a "bricked" i Phone or i Pod touch.

The fix: You'll have to put your phone into forced recovery mode.

Here's a quick rundown of the most common problems users are reporting, and a fix, if one exists.

This is an error message that pops up during the i OS 5 upgrade process that indicates Apple's authentication servers aren't responding. The problem originated from the entire world trying to download the new i OS right as it had launched.

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