Portugal dating with

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As we mentioned before, young Portuguese are beautiful and have natural beauty.For unknown reasons so far, after marriage/childbirth, Portuguese women grow up sharply and begin to look older than their age, “returning to beauty” only after 40.Portuguese over 40 can again be called beautiful and, finally, stylish.

The concept of caring for yourself before the start of professional life includes hand cream in the cold season, sun protection in summer, and hygienic lipstick in summer and winter.Style and the Portuguese are not synonymous, but not antonyms.The Portuguese brides dress normally, but conservatively, a bit monotonous and not bright. The more pastel the tonnes of clothes, the more secure a woman is.That is not about respectful ladies of retirement age, who are fine with skirts, but about young Portuguese.Year-round, brides dress jeans, shorts, depending on the season and the vagaries of fashion.

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