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The tabor (drum) hangs on the performer's left arm or around the neck, leaving the hands free to beat the drum with a stick in the right hand and play the pipe with thumb and first two fingers of the left hand.

The pipe is made out of wood, metal or plastic and consists of a cylindrical tube of narrow bore ( diameter:length ratio) pierced with three holes near one end, two in front and one in back.

One exception is the Chesapeake pipe bearing the initials DK, in which the pipemaker used a hand-held tool to produce the rouletted initials and other decorative designs. Identification of makers' marks There are many varieties of marked pipes uncovered during the excavation of 17th and 18th-century historic sites.

Therefore, the most important step in identifying a makers' mark is to first look at the pipe fragment from which it came.

By studying the shape, size and characteristics of the pipe bowl it is possible to determine a date range for that particular fragment, and perhaps its regional origin.

If this can be established, then the next task is to examine existing documentation for listings of pipemakers and collections of marked pipes which have already been identified.

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