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If you're single and looking, keep an open mind — there are so many possibilities.Online dating has been around since the ’90s, and it’s become as commonplace in our lives as entertainment and the media. Is online dating getting people into the relationships they truly want?

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Though a lot of people pair up in college, in my experience the relationships don't last that long after — in fact, for me and my friends they mostly imploded pretty quickly.

“The results of this study are nevertheless encouraging, given the paradigm shift in terms of how Americans are meeting their spouses.” e Harmony is one of the most popular and successful dating sites in the world — launching in 2000 and having more than 30 million singles sign up.

So it makes sense that e Harmony would facilitate a majority of relationships when compared with some of its competitors.

Seventeen percent of people surveyed met their partner through friends.

Whether it's a setup or at a party, your friends can be a game-changer in your love life.

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