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Those involved in the program are principally volunteers, visitors and social hostesses of our hotels.

Over two hundred "People to People Volunteers" have agreed to act as personal hosts to visitors in Grand Bahama Island.

If you have ever had the (mis)fortune to be in the market for romance, then you are bound to have at least one story of someone who claimed to want to settle down and live happily ever after, but when it came to the crunch, they bailed so fast you never even saw them move.

Well, people are like that when they look for a new job.

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We have received numerous favorable comments and thousands of visitors referred to their participation in the program as being the highlight of their visit to Grand Bahama Island.

When they leave, they take with them not only memories of a wonderful vacation, but a mutually enriching "People-to-People" experience.

They genuinely enjoy meeting people from other countries; they want to make visitors feel at home; and they want to contribute to the development of tourism in The Islands of The Bahamas.

Personnel of the Tourism Board are responsible for matching visitors and volunteers according to their ages, hobbies, interests and occupations.

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