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Mc Pherson's personal issues with men (divorcing two of them because they would not support her ministry), and her purported affair with a Foursquare employee, made for messy tabloid fare, but significantly these "scandals" did not affect her pursuit of ministry.

This may be because Mc Pherson did not take her personal difficulties with her into the pulpit; she did not, for instance, make a case that divorce was acceptable, but instead she supported very popular causes such as being against evolution and speaking out against communism.

Parham had been "detained" on morals charges in 1907 in Texas.

While this is event is sketchy, the story had some resonance beyond 1907, with further explanation that this was probably a case of homosexual behavior.

Of course this view has its dissenters; women have leadership roles, for example as superintendents in the Foursquare church, and there are prominent women educators in Pentecostal colleges, seminaries, and universities.

Male gender roles are also tightly conscripted; men are viewed as leaders, providers, and spiritual heads of the household.

Such an example illustrates the way that scandal can be overcome if the participant in it remains steadfast to popular political stances, particularly if the church community believes that the Holy Spirit had not abandoned the person despite perceived transgressions.

Pentecostalism, though, has had its share of "scandals" stemming from this issue.

The most notable from the formative years of the movement was the suggestion that Charles F.

Because of the strong condemnation of homosexuality within most Pentecostal circles, gay and lesbian leaders within the movement have nearly always had to hide their sexual orientation.

Such is the case of one of the better-known figures of the Jesus Movement.

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