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The company organises a range of events, from small open mics for upcoming talent to auditorium shows with A-listers such as Kunal Kamra and Daniel Fernandes.

Pania is a comic himself—check out his video on ‘Indian Jobs and Interns’. How to get a spot: While most of their shows are curated, they do one open mic a month in Backspace in Thane.

Also, watch out for —a show in which Desai and Das recite the “95% true” tale of how they fell in love.

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These fishing grounds were highly sacred to the Māori people.

In today's culture, local fishermen believe she lies beneath the reef.

Although Pania was in love with Karitoki, she would still hear the siren call of the sea and would return to her people every morning, while in the evening she would travel back to be with her husband on shore.

The child Moremore was turned into a taniwha (guardian) in the form of a shark which lived in the waters around the reef of Hukarere. According to some stories, within the hollow of her left armpit only blue cod may be caught, and from her right armpit only snapper, while her thighs yield only the hapuka (grouper).How to get a spot: They do two-three open mics a month, including one for women-only.Registration forms are released a week before the open mic on their social media handles, and if you’re interested, you must fill it up within 24 hours.The event is announced on the Facebook page, and anyone interested in participating can leave a comment.The final selection is made at random through an Excel function.

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