Orlik pipe dating

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Many clay pieces of these pipes have been found by archaeologists, giving rise to the myth that the long stems of the clay churchwarden pipes would, for sanitation purposes, be broken off by the next client of the tavern or saloon who wished to smoke.However, there is no evidence to support this claim.Alfred went to the US but Louis set up business in London, initially in Great Arthur Street, EC1, making pipes and cigarette holders.

Until 1950 Louis Orlik had been in charge but around this date his son’s Herbert and Dennis took over.

In fact, pipes were cleaned by being placed in iron cradles and baked in ovens.

Examples of such clay pipes can be seen at the historic Fort Osage museum in Fort Osage, Missouri.

The firm moved to Ashbrook Road, EC1, in around 1926/27 and shortly afterwards they started to produce pipe cases and leather pouches and by 1933 they were also making some lighters.

In 1937/38 the firm moved again, this time to Chiswell Street, EC1.

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