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Thus the configuration parameters related to Elliptic-Curve forward secrecy are available when Postfix is linked with Open SSL ≥ 1.0.0 (provided EC support has not been disabled by the vendor, as in some versions of Red Hat Linux).Elliptic curves used in cryptography are typically identified by a "name" that stands for a set of well-known parameter values, and it is these "names" (or associated ASN.1 object identifiers) that are used in the TLS protocol.Otherwise, forward secrecy leaves the attacker with the challenge of cracking the key-agreement protocol, which is likely quite computationally intensive, but may be feasible for sessions of sufficiently high value.

This support was adopted from Lutz Jänicke's "Postfix TLS patch" for earlier Postfix versions.

Postfix ≥ 2.2 support 1024-bit-prime EDH out of the box, with no additional configuration, but you may want to override the default prime to be 2048 bits long, and you may want to regenerate your primes periodically. With Postfix ≥ 3.1 the out of the box (compiled-in) EDH prime size is 2048 bits.

With prime-field EDH, Open SSL wants the server to provide two explicitly-selected (prime, generator) combinations.

One for the now long-obsolete "export" cipher suites, and another for non-export cipher suites.

Postfix has two such default combinations compiled in, but also supports explicitly-configured overrides.

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