Online dating gurus

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With professional Internet dating sites people can encounter on the Internet.

You will not be as nervous, or shy or intimidated because you will be in the comfort of your own environments and the first and following methods of communication will be by mail, email, chat.

“We have a mixture of age groups on our site that we’re looking to help from new daters to senior daters.

While we’ve learned over the past few decades that men and women are not nearly as different as once thought, it’s fair to say that both sexes can offer different perspectives on how to successfully make online connections.“We created The Dating in 2012 after experiencing first-hand the challenges of navigating online dating and have watched it grow,” Sharon said.“Every day, we hear from people who are frustrated and looking for help, and nothing gives us more satisfaction than helping our readers.” Together, Sharon and Lee are the driving force behind The Dating Gurus, a comprehensive online platform housing information on all things dating and relationships.Based in Seattle, the blog broadcasts the unique perspectives of a couple living what they preach to readers worldwide.It’s been more than seven years since Lee Wallender, a successful online content producer and self-professed mid-century illustration art buff, and Sharon Kroll, an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a passion for matchmaking, met through the online dating service Ok Cupid.

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