Oledbcommand not updating

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Do I need to do an update after each change of these columns for each row?Adding to the above message, my code where the latitudes and longitudes are changed looks like dt Table. Rows(j)(i Lon) = a Lon Do I need to do an Update after executing these two lines each time?At the end we will cover a quick way to make a nice update to the database.So grab a drink, kick off your shoes and lets play with some snippets here on the Programming Underground!I am just guessing on the content of Command Text, above. I want to update all the changes I have made in dt Table with the . But if leave out the SET part, I get the error: "Syntax error in UPDATE statement." at da Adapter. I have something running but not at all in the way I expected and it runs much too slowly. I copy you here a snippet contained there, where they show you how to use parameters.By changing Update Command after every new data change, then doing a da Adapter. You just need make sure that you use Ole Db Parameters, not Sql Parameters, as in the example.I'm using to write a program that updates xls files.Lets say I have a spreadsheet and want to update the 5th row 2nd column.

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QUESTION: How can I make Update Command generic so I can do just one Update at the end? Update Command string = "UPDATE CLASS1 SET LATITUDE = 12, LONGITUDE=123 WHERE NEWMLSNUM = "12345678"" I would like this string to look like "UPDATE CLASS1 SET LATITUDE = ? So, of course, the external Update would not occur either.Update Command = command I get Error "Value of type 'System. Update(), so you don't need to call it in your code.I can open that xls file up and fill a data table and change the value in the table, but how do I convert it back to the xls file?I'm trying to use a Ole Db Command with and update string.

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