Now updating garrys mod please wait

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It's a shame with the current Gmod, since there are an absolute fuckton of great gamemodes out there that have no active players That's just because the kind of exposure those modes got.

Honestly, I have over 500 hours of garrys mod, and it was mostly my brother and me dicking around with making ships or boats, playing with user maps and content, or sometimes when it was really hot I'd just download some large ocean maps or weather packs and do stuff in the rain in-game.

The Devs actually plan on selling Tower Unite for a one time fee, so IIRC there's no micro transactions.

As long as sandbox is still there, I'll be happy.

My number one feature request would be dynamicly sized props, like if you want to make geometric objects like squares, cylinders, etc.currently, you have to download packs that contain a ton of differently sized props.

Since Garry's mod is already so moddable I'm not sure what they could add for a sequel, but I'm guessing it has to do with source 2, and making it even more moddable.

VR integration sounds pretty neat as well giving more ways of interaction with the players, being able to make their dream game within a game.

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