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By the way, the 'here' link above is directly to the file for Windows, so wait until you're on the PC that you're going to use until you hit it. Not being able to 'recover' a messed up phone was a major pain in the Symbian world over the last year and many times I had to point people towards the Delight custom firmware pages.Reports are in that only Symbian^3/Anna/Belle (upwards) devices are supported. Delight is only available for a handful of phones and, of course, it's not exactly 'stock', so it's good to see that the official OS images are all back now online. Something went wrong with sending this message — please try again later.

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Windows Phone 8 sports capability to support dual core processors, HD display with higher resolution, NFC, external memory support, and native video calling.It’s just like a Windows 8 theme for Windows Phone 7.5 running phones.With Windows Phone 8 sharing the Windows 8 core, millions of Windows developers will also be able to develop for Windows Phone ecosystem.Microsoft and Nokia did not dare to anger their existing Lumia consumers, so another update version named as Windows Phone 7.8 will be made available for current Lumia smartphone models.This new update will bring some of the new Windows Phone 8 features like the start screen – and download new apps from companies like Zynga, whose Words with Friends and Draw Something will be available in autumn.

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