Nicole hoopz alexander dating shaq

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However, in the apex of success, Hoopz suddenly disappeared from the screen which left many of her fans disheartened. The dating game show was often regarded as the black version of The Bachelor where rapper Flavor Flav from Public Enemy went on a quest for the love of his life. Although Hoopz admitted her connection with the rapper was real, the relationship did not last much longer.

In the reunion special of Flavor of Love, Hoopz revealed that her relationship with the rapper was sadly over.

In her most recent reality series, (which she produced, starred in, and narrated with her four sisters), Hoopz talked about her breakup with O’Neal.“Break-ups are especially hard, when someone is painting you a fairy tale, but turns out you’re not the one in it.While the reality star did not disclose any reason for the split up, she also went on to say that the two were more of a friend than anything else. The reality star also dated the NBA legend, Shaquille O’ Neal, back in 2010. Sadly, the relationship soon took the wrong turn and officially ended in 2012.Hoopz also dated other celebrity stars like rapper T. Following the success in Flavor of Love, Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander earned the spotlight of her career.She completed her graduation from Woodhaven High School.Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander is a television personality best known as the winner of the VH1’s reality show, Flavor of Love in 2006. Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander was one of 20 contestants who participated in the first season of VH1’s reality series, Flavor of Love in 2006. In the final battle between Nicole Hoopz and Tiffany “New York” Pollard, Flavor Flav chose Hoopz as the love of his life.

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