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But now he understands why, because the best thing has yet to come. She replies that her shoulders are here for him to lean on. The expectant blissful look on Nicky just kills me. His speech basically says how he used to find heaven unfair and cruel to pummel him with tragedy and sad things one after another. Many years ago, Nicky is not an old uncle but little meat age in 1988, 18 year old Wu to members of the little tigers debut, one time the little tigers popular in the Taiwan.And this year, far away in Beijing, Liu Shishi was only 1 years old.15 year old Vivian is the debut, two people together in Taiwan, to quickly recognize, and fell in love, Vivian said, Nicky is his first love.But this relationship did not hold for a long time, two people have broken up, the reason is very simple, Nicky Wu's mother does not agree.As for Nicky Wu's mother why do not agree, I think most of the people can guess the reason why they are!Fate is so clever, Nicky Wu Liu Shishi is an old friend of Wallace Huo, Vivian Hsu and Ruby Lin is a good bestie.It is said that two people had the same company of the artist, but Ruby Lin helped Vivian Hsu to block the unspoken rule, two people become good bestie.

Wu Jin Yan and Huang Jing Yu for new modern drama We Are Young (青春创世纪). The two were seen kissing inside an elevator and Shawn Dou confirmed that they were dating shortly after.

Actually some people don't know that Nicky Wu and Vivian Hsu had a period of spectacular in the past?!

There are many people do not know how to eat melon, and quickly set up a small bench, the star of the younger sister to science!

The wedding has not officially started, the media and the masses have eat melon together, at the airport to encircle the brightest star.

With the two in the circle of aspect for more than ten years save good karma, the ceremony guests list is also a star glow, and than any awards also favorably color.

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