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// Hey, it's me and I came up with this while I was at my aunt and uncles house yesterday.I don't know if it's any good, but here it is anyway.Because I felt like I was being slowly dissolved by a 1-molar solution... The world could have burned and we would not have cared. - Un Debate: Is it the size of the ship or the motion in the ocean? With every pulsation, with every throbbing sweet move, we became less like two individuals… It quivered and twitched in absolute exaltation, as if it was undergoing electrofluorination. What was once soft oscillations of flesh on electrons turned into harsh thrusting and pounding. We got faster and faster until we both arrived at ecstasy. We fell asleep in one another’s arms and I had never rested so well or satisfied. Technically, I didn’t even know if that was its real name.

Every inch of my skin must have been covered with goosebumps.

"Hi," I said, knowing that it came out sounding a bit shy. Like Romeo and Juliet, we were not meant to be with one another.

A person like me and a carboxylic acid with three electronegative fluorine atoms? But I was going to prove them wrong, I was going to prove them all wrong.

I put my name on the corner of the paper.' Mackenzie Oakman' I wait for the teacher to come around before I hand it to her, and her face looks shocked.

"Like I said, you really do remind of the kid I went to school with.

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