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The interactions I’ve had on them have never been all that fulfilling, but I keep them on my phone as a sort of security blanket.When I feel concerned about my love prospects, it’s been a comfort to know that I can just pop open my phone and likely have a date lined up in an hour.And for some reason, I have this idea in my head that the only way to do that is through dating apps.And it’s not like I have a hard time meeting people in the real world.You know the feeling you get when you respond to a text message from a person who you 100% should cut out of your life? That’s the sensation I get whenever I head to the App store to redownload Hinge.I no longer feel excitement at any point in the dating app process. This is all wrapped up in the fact that I really want to meet someone and fall in love.And these patterns never make me feel all that great.

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I joined Ok Cupid when I was a junior in college, and then moved on to Tinder in my early twenties.But the more my life has filled up with other priorities, the less I’ve felt the compulsion to open Bumble and take a look around.I’m also not getting as bummed if something doesn’t work out because I know something else is around the corner.But my inner voice starts to whisper, “You are going to die alone” whenever a friend finds a new relationship, I get an invitation to another wedding, or another family member gets pregnant.So, I redownload, but that makes me feel even pathetic.

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