Marlin rifle dating

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Marlin is one of the oldest and best known firearms manufacturers in the United States, dating back to the 1870s, with their reputation built on their legendary lever action rifles.I have often stated that if I ever get down to owning just one rifle, it will be one of my Marlin Model 39 leverguns.I get emails pretty often asking why I do not review new Marlin rifles, along with all the other guns that I review on Since the inception of Gunblast back in the year 2000, I have tried to talk with the marketing folks at Marlin, and would get a blank stare in person, or just an answering machine when I would call.To remove the bolt for bore-sighting or cleaning, a bolt release is located at the left rear of the receiver, and is easy to use.Pressing downward while withdrawing the bolt allows it to slide freely from the receiver.The push feed design of the bolt head allows an extra cartridge to be fed directly into the chamber, eliminating the requirement that it be fed from the magazine.The bolt head is pinned to the bolt body, much like the system used on the Savage 110 series rifles. It allows to bolt to self-center, doing away with the need to have the lugs lapped as is often required on other designs to improve accuracy.

One of the best features of the XL7 is the trigger.The fast-stepping .270 Winchester cartridge is a good match for such a rifle.It is very flat shooting, and can really reach out and hammer medium game like whitetail deer, without punishing the shooter with heavy recoil.The man handling that stuff for several years just didnt want to talk to me.Anyway, there were no hard feelings at all, as he was doing his job as he thought it should be done.

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