Lifetime movies about online dating

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While it's not a painful movie to sit through, it's certainly something that even hardened Lifetime lover won't be impressed by. When teenager Cami Winters falls in love, she falls hard.Unlike the previous iterations of the "Online" series, The Husband She Met Online is a play on a common Lifetime plot thread: the "Woman Falls In Love With A Psycho" thread.In the right hands, even the most basic plot can be made into something interesting and compelling, but that ingenuity is sorely lacking from this movie.The majority of the movies feature murderous and philandering husbands, con artists who marry for any and everything except love, and women whose triumph involves putting a man behind bars or ending his existence all together… Of course, it’s just TV, but overexposure to this kind of dysfunction between men and women cannot be good.You can only watch a woman being physically attacked and held hostage so many times before you start making it a point to keep one hand on the pepper spray whenever a guy approaches.

But by this point, it's already clear that Craig isn't the perfect gentleman Rachel sees him as.You decide to flip to the station while you’re eating breakfast and the next thing you know it’s dark outside.You’ve wasted a whole day watching films starring Tori Spelling, Tiffani Amber Theissen and a bunch more familiar-looking actresses whose names you don’t even know.It's a shame the plot and Stanford were so underwhelming, as the rest of the cast did the best they could.Meredith Monroe does the best she can to make Rachel a likable protagonist, despite having very little to work with.

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