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With its primary meaning, gastronomy is the branch of science that examines the relationship between food and culture.According to the famous French gastronome Savarin, gastronomy is the “Systematic analysis of everything related to human nutrition” [5].In Korea which got acquainted with Buddhism in 372 AD, there are many Buddhist temples. The Hangul was created in 1444 by Sejong, a wise King of the Joseon dynasty.These temples formed a culture in the form of Korean temple food by adhering to their own beliefs. It is known as the most scientific and easy to learn alphabet in the world.Korean gastronomy has been established on healthy food. Foods are prepared and consumed to be healthy, healthy food is consumed in order to prevent diseases, and individuals who get sick aim to heal with foods and refer to using medications in case these methods are insufficient. Nowadays, the country has a successful liberal democracy.According to the 2017 data published by the World Bank, in the state with the capital in Seoul, the population is approximately 51.47 million and the annual income per capita is 29,000 US dollars.Both the form and the decorative motifs that characterize this type of pottery are unique to Korea.

Body fat was measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis, and bone mass content at the right calcaneus was measured by portable dual-emission X-ray absorptiometry.

In girls, breast development was significantly positively associated with the factor score of ‘shellfish and processed meat’ (odds ratio 1·88, CI 1·08, 3·26, for trend 0·05).

These results suggest that dietary patterns were related to body composition and sexual maturation among the Korean children.

In South Korea, great importance is attached to people.

Together with the high level of education, the Republic of Korea has passed the agricultural and industrial society and transformed rapidly into an information society [4].

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