Kimberley lee dating

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He also never informed Kim that he was moving to Toronto. This caused a strain between both Kim and Scott, and also Kim and Lisa.Due to that she becomes even more bitter than she already was, almost to the point of pessimism.They do a live performance in front of Knives Chau and Neil (who's no longer called "Young"), neither of whom are very impressed.Having lost their only two potential fans, Scott and Kim decide they don't really care and continue playing for Ramona's cat.This comes after Kim rants on about men, then Knives says "I've kissed the lips that kissed you," referring to Scott (After Scott seeing them he said to himself "let us never speak of this again"). Finally, towards the end of the same book, Scott secretly refers towards the incident by suggesting that Kim keep the poster of two girls kissing as he moves in with Ramona.Whether or not this was some kind of consolation for Kim is anyone's speculation. Kim is played by Alison Pill whose previous works include roles in Milk, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Dan in Real Life.

At the end of volume 5, Kim decides to move back home to Northern Ontario and accepts Scott's apology for everything that's happened between them.However, Kim rejects Scott revealing to him not everything in high school was perfect and that he had hurt her.He gets the glow while fighting Negascott in order to forget the whole ordeal.After rescuing her, Scott invited her to be his girlfriend and join the band, which she accepted.Scott and Kim became very close, to the point of even having sex in her car (as in the flashback in Vol.

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