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I really enjoyed Presley’s cover of Junior Parker’s 1953 song “Mystery Train,” which had also been recorded at Sun.

While Elvis’s rockabilly version certain rocks more, it loses the emotion of Parker’s electric Memphis blues style.

Anderson East, a well-regarded east Nashville Americana artist who is signed to Dave Cobb’s record label, decided to take to Twitter late Thursday night, and spell out exactly how he felt about Garth’s attempt at musical subterfuge that he witnessed first hand from the CMA gallery.

Anderson East may be once removed from mainstream country, yet being a well-known artist and the beau of Miranda Lambert gives Anderson’s opinion quite a bit more weight than your average troll spouting off on Twitter.

Miranda later agreed with Anderson via his Instagram page. But when you look at the country music Entertainer of the Year, you hope to see someone who would be more inspiring of truly world-class entertainer qualities, and still be able to turn in a solid performance, even with a weak voice on little rest.

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's Greatest Country Songs of All Time) is about spousal abuse, Mc Bride's 2002 track "Concrete Angel" details the abuse of a little girl at the hands of her mother: "She hides the bruises with linen and lace." Toward the end of the song the narrator describes "somebody [crying] in the middle of the night," while the neighbors try to ignore it. Well, while the song doesn't (the "concrete angel" in question is a grave marker), but its legacy does.The lyrics of Parker’s song build on a verse of the Carter Family’s folk country “Worried Man Blues.” The band play a variation of the 12-bar blues progression with a driving railroad rhythm: I-IV-I-I-I-IV-I-I-V-IV-I-I.The bass hits every note, acoustic guitar plays constant rhythm in the background, rising at the end of the bars between vocals.Of course, I’ve heard all of these songs in some form or another; If not these Sun recordings, I’ve heard later recordings of the same songs by Elvis and/or cover versions by other artists.What we hear on this album is some early rock n roll in its youth.

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