Jill st john robert wagner dating

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Natalie Woods has remained an unsolved case that has baffled Hollywood for 36 years.Her body was found on November 29, 1981, floating in her nightgown in the Pacific Ocean by Catalina Island.She was on board Wagner's boar the Splendour, alongside Wagner, family friend Christopher Walken, and the boat's captain.Ahead of her death, Natalie was said to have had a fear of water after nearly drowning on set of The Green Promise as a child.However, the autopsy revealed she had a .14 alcohol level and had taken painkillers on the night of her death.Investigators closed the case two weeks following her death, ruling it an accident.Investigators closed the case two weeks after her death, ruling it an accident.

In his book Pieces of my Heart, Wagner did admit that he had a spat with Natalie as said.

ROBERT Wagner has been named a “person of interest” in the "suspicious" death of his late wife Natalie Wood - 36 years after she died.

The revelation was made by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant John Corina in a new CBS documentary about the star's mysterious death.

Rumours and conspiracy theories related to Wood's death have circulated for years and “foul play” has been suspected.

Corina added: "I haven't seen him (Wagner) tell the details that match all the other witnesses in this case.

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