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That it could happen in a public square, watched by dozens of people who did not apparently intervene on his behalf.

That even a policeman reportedly stood by as it was taking place.

My friend and I were sunbathing on the grass when a group of young Arab men approached us.

They asked where we were from in Hebrew, and my friend Gilat, who spoke the language better than I, answered and asked them the same.

A student in Bethlehem, he worked in Jerusalem and discreetly stayed there after hours during the summer months.

He told us his family was originally from Jerusalem — noting the irony that many Arabs used to live in the elaborate mansions around the German Colony before Israel’s War of Independence. My initial instinct to his bombshell was to run away, just as I had done in the park a short time before. Had we done something illegal socializing with him? Where did he fit into my Israel experience, a narrative which, until that point, viewed Arabs as the “other”?

Sometimes it can be hard to separate sincere people from the players. Online dating really isn’t all that different from real life dating.

We eventually lost touch, but for a long time whenever I read of clashes between Israeli soldiers and young Palestinians, I would wonder about his well-being.There was a great deal of “down time,” which meant many evenings hanging out on Ben Yehuda and Emek Refaim streets and occasional mornings or afternoons to roam around Jerusalem.Flash back to one sunny day in a park-like area near the King David Hotel.Now you’re feeling confused, embarrassed, and anxious. We’re all human and we’re all going to encounter the not-so-perfect date at some point. Spring Clean Your Love Life There is something about Spring that makes us want to clear things out and start fresh. When you think of dating, taxes may be the last thing on your mind. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and the sun is starting to shine its rays. Perhaps it is the colorful landscape of new flowers blooming in the shining sun. You may be thinking to yourself “What do taxes have to do with dating? While dating someone, you can be blinded by love and throw any caution to the wind. There are many reasons to be excited about spring and dating is one of them!

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