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But whenever I put something on the runway, as long as I'm happy - if they send me home, I'll be happy." Who has been the hardest buyer for you to design for?

Kara: "I have to say, I love designing for Terron, I love designing for Saks, because I love luxury and to me that's just the niche where I love to design.

Kara: "Well, it's funny because I feel like my version of sex appeal is different than what most people might think of as sexy.

So for me that dress was very sexy - I mean, I was showing some back and showing a little in the front, it was even a little shorter than normal things I would do. And it wasn't all that hard - I mean, I love the dress and it's still very me.

So I think we're all grateful with everything the show has done for us." There must be so much pressure going into the finale - did you have any nightmare moments in the days leading up to it?

- but all in all it was Macy's and H&M." Ronnie: "For me, I started late.I think it was hard for me not to overthink and I think the time that I did get a buy I just let it go and did what I do best, and those were the weeks that I got the buy.But whenever I tried to overthink it and try to overdo it, they would always say, 'You know what, too much detail in it', so it was kind of harder to nail H&M and Macy's for me.And for me the biggest change was to be able to see what I was capable of when I had the resources to create full garments week by week, so I'd do a dress and go, 'Alright, if a dress is possible I can do a tailcoat; if a tailcoat's a possibility, I can do a full-length dress' and it just got more and more exciting to see what I was capable of with the resources.And I feel like that's a dream of many young emerging designers to have all the resources necessary to create what's really in their head and their vision that was thrilling.

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