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Some cocks are just so hot that you've got to have them – no matter what!Mark Orton looks a little intimidating with his bald head and body covered in tattooes.He just stares you straight in the eyes, grabs his bulge and growls, "Are you going to suck it or do I need to chain you to my bike and ram it down your throat? I get shivers just thinking about it, and excuse me while I adjust the bone growing in my pants.

Leaders need to communicate clearly so people understand what is expected of them and how to deliver on those expectations.

(His picture reminds me of my grandfather, a quietly urgent man who took a bullet trying to stop Hitler.) But most of all, I've fallen in love with Nobel-laureate Wislawa Szymborska, the kindly, gentle, and ferociously intelligent aunt to Rozewicz's intimidating uncle.

If you like poetry, or simply appreciate good writing that captures the essence of people with hard-won soul, give them a try.

Rather, these poets tend to exemplify the Poles' ability to wistfully endure hardship and oppression, to stare life in the face without blinking or backing down, and to be dignified without taking themselves or anyone else too seriously.

Milosz would be a little too obvious I think, so his volumes sit largely as-yet-unexplored on the shelves.

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