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As a general rule, I have often found that the people I encounter who are aggressive, judgemental, miserable, rude or just plain horrid usually have a reason for being the way they are.

As a Psychologist, I find it easy to look beyond the behaviour to the underlying reasons. Having said that, understanding the reasons doesn’t automatically make me like someone! When we come across an angry and unhappy person, many of us take this behaviour personally. I remember when I worked at Broadmoor Hospital, we would have supervision to help us cope with the various personalities we had to deal with.

Ever since then, when I meet someone who spews out anger and negativity, it offers me a glimpse of how awful their internal experience of the world is.

A person who is content and has peace of mind is very unlikely to project anger and bitterness on a regular basis.

We’ve all been in the company of someone who makes us feel on edge, uneasy or unsure of ourselves.

There is a very clever way to deal with this situation.

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Actually, intimidation for average and above average people are but admiration for the person who intimidates them.

Imagine yourself talking to the little child inside the intimidating person.

Be careful with this though – I don’t mean you should put on a condescending voice and offer them a sweet!

The smarter way to ask is plainly to be honest with him that you need some clarifications from a little issue.

But, what if the boss is insanely shouting at you because he is mad as a crazy cow?

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