Intimidating catch phrases

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Jericho is a guy who can do whatever WWE wants him to do.Whether he is acting like an alien rockstar or a straight laced business man he pulls it off.The six time six time six time six time six time six time world champion ends up on the list.Booker T is one of WWE's only African-American world champions in history and could be the most successful African-American in the business.He had one of the simplest yet most memorable catchphrases of all time.Mick will be returning to WWE soon and I look forward to seeing the former Cactus Jack turn the place upside down.

Also, even though this is a top 100 list, I am putting them in alphabetical order by the first name of the superstar because it would not be possible for me to rank each of the 100 entries in the list.

I recently did an a slideshow going over what I felt were the 15 greatest catch phrases of all time.

Little did I know that our community leader had proposed the same idea in a 50 slide format, so I decided to take on the larger project as well.

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Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

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