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COM Abintus as Absolute Bachelor CLub Accertify Access Academy Access SF / Comcast Cable Aclipsa Mobile Video Adacelus Adaffair Inc Ad Astra Technologies, Inc.Ad Brite Addictive Tech Corp Ad Media Adperio Ads4Dough Adsimilis Ad Supply, Inc.You have to eat before or after your shift, no eating during said shift and we have to pay for our food.

Close at 1AM on the weekdays (I have no idea why) and 2AM on the weekends, except Sunday. A typical day consist of clocking in setting up the tables.

At the corporate level, there is incredible support from management and ownership for every employee, with plenty of opportunities to move within the company and grow as a person and employee.

Cafe Intermezzo is a wonderful concept that is based upon a 19th century European Coffeehouse. Pay is .25/hr for baristas with a tip out added from servers. Its not a bad job, but there are definitely better options.

Overall I would highly suggest to potential employees that you search elsewhere because this place will chew you up and spit you out. I often ended up training the New comers to the server software, and familiarization with routine. Towards the end of my time there, it really started to smooth out.

I was potentially going to be moved to management, which ultimately led to my departure. Within each restaurant there is a supportive environment that focuses on creating the great feel that Intermezzo has become known for.

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