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Maybe that’s just because I haven’t been in Poland this year.

I mean, the fast food industry does a great job in distorting all women on this damn planet.

I am currently in Hungary and I am already smitten by all the beautiful Budapest girls that I have seen.

I have never been to Budapest before, but in only two days this city motivated me in a way to continue my global seduction tour than no other city has ever motivated me before.

But first we’ll find out if my statement that Polish girls are prettier than Hungarian girls is really true.

Even though Budapest girls are very attractive, there are definitely a couple more overweight girls here than in Poland.

Of course there are some architectural highlights but because you are not here to find some information about the historical buildings of this city, I want to tell you the real reason why this city cast a spell over me.

The majority of girls are strongly tanned with black hair.

If these girls wear a lot of makeup and have one or two piercings and a few tattoos, they look really dangerous…in a sexual and very attractive way.

In Hungary the classification of girls is a lot more difficult.

There are blond girls, brunette girls, red haired girls, tiny girls, tall girls, thin girls, fat girls, dark-skinned girls and light-skinned girls.

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