Gifts for guys your dating

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If so, you can buy leather seats online and either install them yourself or have a garage do it.

Swapping a cloth interior for leather is a simple job and it completely transforms the look of the car.

Think Sweeney Todd but with (hopefully) less blood.

One amazing thing about leather is it’s extremely versatile.

The one below includes the quote “Love is the beauty of the soul.”View on Amazon If your man loves baseball, consider getting him a new glove — that is, if he isn’t already in love with his old glove.

Keep in mind that leather does get better with age and it takes many hours for a glove to “feel right.” So, although your husband may appreciate a new glove for an anniversary gift, he may wait to use it until his old one gives out.

View on Amazon Leather gloves add style, sophistication, and purpose. Since this is for an anniversary gift, you could even etch a note on the inside of the belt.

You can do this by using a Dremel or a pyrography pen.

But, not many guys would appreciate glass or crystal.

You can choose from a wide range of kits that are durable, stylish, and have the right balance of ruggedness and suave style. View on Amazon Getting him an elegant leather suitcase is nice because it will remind him of you — even when he’s away on business.

You can also personalize these kits by adding a short message of love, so no matter where he is, this kit will always remind him of you. View on Amazon You could get him a utility work belt, a casual belt, or a dress belt.

For the list of modern third-year anniversary gifts for men, see this article.

The tradition of giving symbolic gifts on wedding anniversaries goes back to medieval Germany.

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