Gears of war 2 stuck updating

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The second protagonist of the game, Dominic Santiago was responsible for freeing his good friend Marcus Fenix out of the Jacinto military prison soon after Emergence Day.

The single player campaign begins out with Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago of Delta Squad being joined by a new member, Benjamin Carmine.Dom demands to know anyway and Anya informs him that his wife may have joined with the Stranded, humans that are without support in the heart of Locust territory.Afterward, the crew meets up with Dizzy, a Stranded that has joined the Coalition of Organized Governments, or COG.Deep underground, they find themselves in the Hollow, the home of the Locust.After fighting their way through several caverns and watching as several more pods drop from the surface, they eventually discover the Locust's new weapon: a titanic worm that is boring tunnels large enough to weaken and collapse the foundation of cities on the surface, dropping them down.

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