Fun dating game questions

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But fair warning: If you ask this question, you should prepare yourself with an answer to trade.So long as they don't say a dating app, this should be a fun question that also tells you how your date spends a fair amount of their free time.So you've met (or swiped right), expressed mutual interest to go on a first date, agreed on a time and place, and got yourself there. A good first date relies on good conversation, but if you get nervous meeting someone new — and who doesn't?— saying anything after "Hi" can seem more like an uphill climb than scaling Mount Everest.This question can easily jumpstart any first date conversation as you'll most likely be choosing a drink — whether it's a cocktail, coffee, or simply water — as soon as you settle in.

On the other hand, this could be great news if you enjoy your alone time and want to remain independent while with a partner.Seriously, what you decide to binge-watch during cuffing season is no joke.This question is a casually sneaky way of finding out what qualities your date values most in the people closest to them.Even if you're not, it's another way to learn about their story preferences and values.Of course, if they can't remember their last book, we'd let it slide if they're an online article aficionado instead.

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