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Therefore, if you noticed Russian ads on You Tube, Facebook, and other websites, you should stay away from them.

They are most likely to redirect you to potentially dangerous, scam, phishing or infected website where your PC can get infected with malware or you might suffer from personal information loss.

Name changed for this as I have to admit that I am too embarrassed to use my usual name. I also fully expect to be called a troll I'm genuinely not and I really need advice. It is hers but she is aware that I use it sometimes. I went in safari and to my shock, found it open at a site for adult baby fetish sites.

They all seemed to be American and it looked like you could chat to people as well. Firstly that she could have been chatting online to god knows who, and that the thought of adult babies just repulses me.

I asked her what she was doing and she was close to tears but kept saying nothing. I told her that even if it was embarrassing, that she should just tell me.

She has been through the school counsellor system as she was been bullied and then we discovered her then ex boyfriend had been behaving very badly towards her. She is now seeing a psychologist If you have reached the end of this epic post, thank you. - she's crying for help, and luckily you are there.

if she thinks she may be transgender she really does need help - this can drive people to suicide if they feel there is no escape.

I'm afraid that I lied a bit and said that inappropriate sites had been flagged up by our Internet provider and then I looked at the i Pad.

I wanted to scare her into stop visiting these websites for her own safety.

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