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Write down the connection string in web.config file.Here Database name is Employee and table name is tbl Emps. For achieve paging set Allow Paging property as True.When you click on the new link of Detail View control, the UI will be changed and blank editable text will appear.Now you have to find these textbox control that is available inside the Detail View control.If user clicks on paging link at bottom of Detail View control, then Page Index Changing event fires.Another important property of Detail View control is Pager Settings.

For uploading the file in some folder on server, use following code: File Upload1. Save As("C:\Folder Name"); // you should preferably use relative path here For a detailed description of both options that gaurav_jain2403 gave, take a look here: Doc Id.aspx? i have made a database table in sql where with other string items like name address etc, i have used a varchar datatype for my images & store data in jpg format like now when i am using a formview to see data in item template i dragged a imageweb control in formview & binded it to image(varchar) field of my database it is working fine up to this point ,but now in inseritem template i am using a file uploader control to upload file the only binding properties it is showing is enable & visible.

When user clicks on "Edit" link, Item Updating event fires.

When you perform edit operation, then by default you will not get any type of validation.

Inside these events, you can use Find Control to find the file upload control and work from there. when this button is clicked and file for that corresponding row is browsed, write this code in Form View1_Item Inserting(not Form View1_Item Inserted): string arg = e. To String(); // arg will contain the Id from the database for corresponding row if (File Upload1.

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