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When the Super Agent updates itself it will send out an agent wake-up call to to all other agents on the same subnet.This affectively accellerates the deployment of updates to the nodes and is very useful for out-of-hours update releases.[origin: EP2709327A2] The present invention provides an updating apparatus and method for an equalizer coefficient, receiver and optical communication system.The updating method comprises: receiving an optical signal transmitted by a transmitter in an optical communication system, the optical signal comprising transmission data and a constant modulus signal for updating a coefficient of an equalization filter; performing coherent detection and analog-to-digital conversion on the optical signal, so as to obtain a digital electric signal; and updating the coefficient of the equalization filter at a symbol corresponding to the constant modulus signal in the digital electric signal.The current version supports checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes, textareas, input boxes, upload, date, range picker and color picker.

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The options you create show up above the Adding extra options to your products is really easy.Are there any articles on recommended agent update/clean up tasks/repository sync schedules?Extra Product Options allows you to create extra fields on your Woo Commerce products.For information on the various field settings see the section Normal mode.This method uses the Form Builder to create options that can be to all of the products, products that belong to specific categories or alternatively to specific products.

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