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The documentary reveals researchers discovered that the Sphinx’s body and head were disproportionate, suggesting it was not originally a pharaoh.

Historical architect Dr Jonathan Foyle, who worked with Mr Reader on the project, said: “The head and body were massively out of proportion.

The Great Sphinx is thought by most Egyptologists to represent the likeness of King Khafra.

It is also believed by others that Djadefre, the elder brother of Khafra, built the Sphinx to honour his father Khufu.

Mr Reader concludes the “Sphinx is only several hundred years older than the traditionally accepted date believing the Sphinx to be a product of the Early Dynastic period”.

“The reason for this could be that the Sphinx originally had an entirely different head – that of a lion.” According to this theory, the “statue was later re-carved to be modelled on Khufu”.

To early Egyptians the lion was a much more potent symbol of power than the human face.

It could be one of the most important discovery in human history, but its location is unknown.

Now, two historians, Gerry Cannon and Malcolm Hutton who previously suggested that the Great Sphinx of Giza once had a twin, have put forward a new controversial theory.

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