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At approximately 60 million, native-born American members of Generation Z outnumber their endlessly dissected millennial older siblings by nearly one million, according to census data compiled by Susan Weber-Stoger, a demographer at Queens College.

Howe defines the cohort quite differently; he has called it the “Homeland Generation” because they grew up in post-9/11 America, and argues that it did not begin until around 2004.)Part of that obsession with safety is likely due to the hard times that both Generation Z members and their parents experienced during their formative years.“I definitely think growing up in a time of hardship, global conflict and economic troubles has affected my future,” said Seimi Park, a 17-year-old high school senior in Virginia Beach, who always dreamed of a career in fashion, but has recently shifted her sights to law, because it seems safer.“This applies to all my friends,” she said.

Those former latchkey kids, who grew up on Nirvana records and slasher movies, have tried to give their children the safe, secure childhood that they never had, said Neil Howe, an economist and the co-author of more than a dozen books about American generations.“You see the mommy blogs by Generation X-ers, and safety is a huge concern: the stainless-steel sippy cups that are BPA-free, the side-impact baby carriages, the home preparation of baby food,” said Mr.

Howe, who runs Saeculum Research, a Virginia-based social trends consultancy.

The number of Americans self-identifying as mixed white-and-black biracial rose 134 percent.

The number of Americans of mixed white and Asian descent grew by 87 percent.

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