Dylan sprouse dating history

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This is when the Sprousehart moniker came into the zeitgeist, and when casual viewers and stans alike had to admit that Bughead was probably a couple IRL.

This is the all-time GOAT of lowkey dating announcements, with Lili looking beautiful in the field of yellow flowers and Cole taking her photo like the in-demand photographer and model duo they are.

stars being in attendance and the nature of the event, it makes sense that Cole would be invited because of his photography work in the fashion industry. Her invite must have come because the Powers That Be knew she was dating Cole or because someone asked if they could go together.

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While most people in this picture were looking towards Mädchen Amick taking the photograph or Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (AKA the creator of ) speaking at the end of the table, Lili was looking right at Cole, and she might as well have been the heart-eye emoji. Even KJ Apa trolled these future lovebirds for their obvious attraction to each other, hashtagging the photo "Cole's Hands Tho," either fully outing this couple on purpose or subtly encouraging these crazy kids to take the hint and get together! Cole and Lili may have only been "best friends" when this pic was taken, but taking goofy pictures on a girl's phone is a pretty common boy flirting technique.

Usually, for the platonic friendships, you'd say "guy" or maybe "dude" or maybe even "kid" if you're ~super quirky~ but "man" is pretty intimate.

The dramatic "he's walking away from the camera and doesn't know I'm photographing this intimate moment" thing screams "we're together." people and they always enjoy each other's company.

We're sure the young lovebirds weren't super thrilled with that, and TBH the amount of public PDA in the following months is pretty low, especially for them.

tries to get Cole to confirm the rumors in September, and he dodges the question.

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