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His true intention comes out when he states the goal of the Pandora’s Box System.Vin says that “We defined the goal of Pandora’s box System as TOTAL DEVOTION …A first I had high hopes that perhaps Vin Di Carlo and his new Pandora’s Box personality system would dethrone Mr. Rx and his Dating To Relating system as the #1 system for approaching and meeting women.Even though Vin Di Carlo evolved from a PUA background, I thought he may have seen the light and learned how things really worked.Since you also champion the use of approaching different women with different strategies, can you tell me why these systems didn’t work very well? For a “personality” based system to work it has to consider several things that the above systems don’t consider.1) People have a social personality and a real personality.3) The other problem I had with Vin Dicarlo’s Pandoras Box is that although there is an appeal of a website that tells you everything to do with the personality type, his “typing” software didn’t work well.I entered in several girls and answered all the questions correctly, yet it came back with a type that wasn’t the right one.

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But I am not, and I don’t think the majority of men are into that either.

In addition to that, you have the problem that even within a personality type you will not always get consistent behavior. There is actually no such thing as a “personality type”.

People within the same personality type can express themselves differently. People usually are a compilation of several different personality types and exhibit behavior of several different personality types in different situations.

There are ways to get at this information quickly, but you have to be cognizant of the fact that people have social personalities and real personalities to get at this information.

The Dating To Relating technology allows you to do this. For any personality based system to be effective in establishing long term relationships (not one night stands) you have to take into account the personality of the man who is approaching in addition to the personality of the woman who is being approached.

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