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I feel like you should give someone flowers if you want to threaten them, here you’re next.

Like a lifevest protects you from drowning and bulletproof vests protect you from getting shot and the sweatervest protects you from pretty girls. Really saying here you go, now watch these die, cause I like you.

Some of the topics included are Mc Donalds, family, Disney World, and much more.

The greatly anticipated follow-up to the platinum-selling "Beyond the Pale." In this Austin performance that capped off his sold-out 2008 stand-up tour, Gaffigan does not let the audience ...

It’s like saying “I like people, for a little while.” “How old are you? It’s when you get specific that you get in to trouble. I think that's to avoid confusion, cause if there were you wouldn't know if someone was stuttering.

“I love twelve-year-olds.” When they were naming vitamins they must have thought there were going to be way more vitamins than there ended up being. 'Yes, hello I'd like some b-batteries.' 'What kind?

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Standup Comedian is a 2012 Comedy Central special featuring comedian Demetri Martin.He is also known for Late Night with Conan O'Brien and Demetri Martin. After that, he went to Yale University and graduated in 1995. During high-school, Demetri referred to himself as a nerd.It was directed by Ryan Polito and filmed at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts in New York City, New York. Inventive and insightful, this top-rated program brings the funny in ways you've never seen.A unique talent, Demetri Martin is one of the hottest stand-up comics working today. Jim Gaffigan bursts back on the scene with this eagerly anticipated fourth comedy special.

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