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The moment I saw her sitting there waiting for me, my fear subsided.

She was as warm and spunky and as real as she had portrayed herself to be. We got married in May of 2014 and are planning to buy our first house so we can start a family.

No other person on Earth is your belonging and they can choose to be with anyone but many people do not think in that way and it’s also very natural to feel sad, uncomfortable, depressed to see your ex with someone else. A primate is supposed to feel sad, depressed and go haywired when they see their potential mate with someone else that’s because their chance of procreation and to pass on gene is gone or reduced.I’m pretty practical and grounded and so I wanted to explore and see where this would take me.Rowan made it very easy to get to know him and for me to open up to him.As time passed on in the relationship I would dream of buying “our” first car, “our” first house, have “our” first child and so on.Although I cherished “our” differences as time passed but at the same time she (my partner) started to grow apart because of the same differences.

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