Dating using astrology

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“You can see your faith (or lack of it) in a birth chart.

Astrology has always been about individualization and about self-discovery.”Well, being a hippie yogi fully indoctrinated by the West Coast school of “Wu” (New Agey pseudo-science), I’m a believer. Maybe it’s because I’m a Scorpio, I don’t know, but it’s always seemed silly of me to think that the moon can affect the tides and not us.

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It’s been chalked up to everything from the dawn of the internet to the hopelessness of millennials to the end of faith.The cynical part of me also sees evaluating someone according to their sun sign as another crude return to our roots in tribalism.It seems humans are always looking for easy ways to categorize people and even easier ways to excuse their dismissal of them.We feel on display when we meet someone new and we want to make a good impression.At the same time, we want to figure out the person we have just met,” Miller explains.

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