Dating thialand girls

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Even if he stared at me and seemed interested, I still wouldn’t go. While she has completed an MBA, bought a house for her parents, and built a stable career in a male-dominated field, she still suffers from the drawbacks of a small dating pool — most of the men she’d consider dating in her circle are already taken.

“It’s not that I try to be a traditional Thai lady.

Ying, 30, said she had had a crush on her current boyfriend long before they went out.

Even though he was Korean — and so, perhaps, not so judgmental — she waited for him to make the first move.

Most of them see a woman who’s taller than them and they don’t ever consider dating her.

Few of them would.” Going global for love For Thai women who don’t fit conventional beauty standards or try to step out of cultural expectations, they may find expat men a more sensible choice.

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