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I'm going to mostly be fielding approaches from women. I'm not going to be out there very often due to low energy. Lucky I have the open/accepting/tolerant thing down.

Also I live a comfortable upper-middle class life on a 3/4 poverty budget, which seems to fit your financial suggestion...

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The Short Version: So many singles spend their days yearning for connection and hoping that special someone is right around the corner. The dating site’s credit-based system makes it easy and affordable to engage in a private chat with someone special.

An international dating site called Lada connects single men with date prospects in Russia and the Ukraine.

On Lada Date, countless singles have the opportunity to build international connections based on shared values and life goals.

You don't really hear much from the vast majority of human beings on the planet who are happily in a relationship, you mostly hear from the unhappy and upset people. Also the effort you put forth is what you get in return. Start off by saying hello to a woman you think is pretty at the store and work yourself up. I had my dad use my i Pad to take that pic as an "early morning" photo, and he got so ridiculously nervous that he couldn't hit the camera button.

It's unfortunate that that creates a huge misrepresentation of marriage at large. Set some goals, it'll get better, don't use your disability as an excuse. LOL, a neck beard is a religious symbol of piety displayed by various Jewish and Christian sects, which doesn't include the facial hair.

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