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The app, called “Donald Daters,” is aimed at “American-based singles community connecting lovers, friends, and Trump supporters alike” and has already received rave reviews and coverage in Fox News, Daily Mail and The Hill.On its launch day alone, the app had a little over 1,600 users and counting.Though, then again, at 2 a square foot, that might be considered a deal in the Boston region these days.Fake or undesirable profiles are among the main reasons for user churn on dating sites and the level of quality profiles are directly linked to user acquisition.Emily Moreno, the app’s founder and a former aide to Sen.

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To mark the occassion, we've given him the keys to our Instagram account, so jump on board to get some behind the scenes as the tour kicks off at 170 Russell in Melbourne tonight (full list of dates down the bottom).

A new dating app for Trump supporters that wants to “make America date again” has leaked its entire database of users — on the day of its launch.

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