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Thus, the geologic timescale and radiometric dating have been developed in an effort to determine the age of the earth.The older of the two dating methods, the geologic timescale, is actually a circular argument and is therefore considered by many scholars to be weak.While we’ve accomplished much in that short time, it also shows our responsibility as caretakers for the only planet we live on right now.The effects of humans on Earth cannot be understated.

Every year, we fell forests and destroy other natural areas, driving species into smaller areas or into endangerment, because of our need to build more housing to contain our growing population.Basically, this is how it works: earth's many rock layers contain billions of fossils.Certain fossils are unique to certain layers of rock.However, there are some underlying assumptions to consider.Age of the Earth - The Geologic Column The geologic column is the older of the two dating methods employed by scientists to determine the age of the earth.

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