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So not to be put off by a little thing like time difference I went to the Janome website Us/General_Inquiries and filled in the 'contact us' link.I put N/A for the required fields of Dealer and Software, then I chose a random purchase date to get past that required field, I got a Prompt reply this morning: So I have emailed them back but am not holding out too much hope that they can help, however it is good to know these Free/Westinghouse, Necchi, Elna and New Home machines can potentially be dated by Janome if you can supply them with the necessary details.Other factors, such as a machine’s decorative appeal, can affect its overall value as well; if the origin of the machine can be proven this can make it more desirable to some collectors.Value guides can be found in the library or bookstore, and you can check Ebay and other reputable auction sites online to see how much buyers are paying for similar models.Thus began the Singer Sewing Machine Company, which eventually became one of the most renowned sewing machine companies in the world. Singer's machines were being sold across the nation for £65 each.Any of the Featherweight models, such as model number 221, or the Turtleback models are more likely to catch a collector's eye.The Singer company provides help in finding serial numbers on old machines; the website is linked in the Resources section.When determining the value of an old Singer sewing machine, you must take into account the condition of the machine.

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My machine's serial number isn't in the Rockford Illinois listings, so although that is where the company was based that is not where my machine was actually made, so Janome cannot help me unless I can find some indication on the machine of where it was made.

Oh well, hubby can help me search but I don't like our chances and I don't want to know enough to pull the thing apart on the off chance it is written in it somewhere!

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