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His time in paradise was marked by yelling and cursing, as well as an almost-brawl with Bachelor Nation's official sweetheart who deserves the world, Joe the Grocer Amabile.But the bad blood didn't end in Mexico; Leo declared war on various contestants who were less-than enthused by his behavior on the show, including Bekah Martinez and Tanner Tolbert.(more on him later, of course), there was good ol' Jason Mesnick.After proposing to Melissa Rycroft in the 2009 series finale, Jason decided he'd made a mistake.

That’s why I kinda feel for Jesse Palmer—the New York Giants quarterback who searched for love on season five.Tears were shed, "I love you" was exchanged, and eyelashes were tossed to the ground in what was without a doubt the most devastating breakup in the show's history.Peter's decision not to propose still haunts us to this day. who won over the hearts of women across America with his perfect smile and incredible revenge-beard.After the two drunkenly hooked up on set, accusations of sexual misconduct caused the entire production to be (momentarily) halted.De Mario and Corinne have since cleared their names.

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